Friday, 23 May 2014 cut a long story short...

The last two months had been crazy.  Easter sales were unexpectedly good ( actually it was like crazy) . I was so exhausted ! But then we ( me and my husband) went on a trip to Italy .
It was amazing!! My son didn't take it that good, though. And above all that my etsy sales started grow ( go figure), and I have a huge order for the end of June ( 200 mini plush toys for a baptism - the centerpieces and all the decoration included) .

BAD NEWS : I spilled orange juice on my Mac book pro and it is not working. I sent it to an official Apple store and they said it will cost 800€ to fix it!!!!!! I am soooooo mad! Why on earth do they charge so much? Do they actually think that I am going to give them so much money? NO WAY! Am I going to buy an apple laptop again? NO!!!

So no pictures today cause I don't know how to upload them from my tablet. See you soon!! 

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