Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Well hello!!! I am back!!

After a month and a half i am back from vacation (actually i am back 10 days ago but i had tooooo many things to do and my house was a mess - my husband was home alone most of the time so imagine!!!!!)

I had 8 orders to prep on my vacation from Etsy!! Hoorey!!!

I love it when i see the paypal mail in my inbox. "Notification of payment received".

My etsy shop is growing not as fast as i would like it to grow but i have made the decision to concentrate on internet sales and re-organize my production line.

Part of my re-organizing is some goals i hope i achieve. I will post one goal everyday day so...........

Goal number one : Write a post every two days the latest in my blog.

Until tomorrow or the day after here is a sneak pick of what i made during my vacation


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